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Want to hear the sound of a propane tank? Here's your chance
If you ever wanted to hear a propane tank being repurposed as a musical instrument, now’s your chance. Some half-a-dozen of them will appear in the seventh Now Hear This New Music Festival, which starts on Wednesday, March 21, and runs through Sunday, March 25. The propane tanks have been adapted...
Published at EJ Entertainment Blog
Alberta Ballet updates Cinderella for modern audiences by going back to source
Unlike most of the western world, Jennifer Gibson was not familiar with the Disney version of Cinderella. In fact, it was the only Disney movie she didn’t own as a child. This turned out to be a good thing. After all, it’s much easier to thoroughly reimagine a character if you are sta...
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Your Weekend BS: The straight poop on profanity in politics and the state of public discourse in Alberta
PHOTOS: Alberta politicians Deron Bilous, Jason Kenney, Derek Fildebrandt and Thomas Lukaszuk, all from the author’s vast collection of snapshots. Trigger warning! This dispatch from the Annals of Political Discourse in Alberta contains words unsuitable for sensitive and young readers. For a more...
Published at Alberta Politics
Being Here, Now, Part Two
So, I was saying I  met Ram Dass? That is to say, in the library of the good people who invited me to live in their house (and made it seem I was doing them a favour by doing so), among the books was this dark purple one, called ‘Be Here Now.’ I’d never seen... Read More
Published at prairiepomes
instaMek – The ultimate convenience where the mechanics come to you
Taking my vehicle in for any repairs or general maintenance is stressful for me because my husband works, taking the kids to wait there is horrible, and taking the shuttle to and from, with 3 kids with car seats is a nightmare. I am sure that many people can relate.   Over the last little [&...
Published at Just another Edmonton mommy
Friday Fights: Quality Plummeting
Hello out there, I’m on the air, it’s Hockey Fights today. This is a weekly feature where we will take a look back at the best tilts of the week that was, a fond look back at the fights that were, and a strong finger wag at the worst fight of the week. It’s been...
Published at OilersNation
Classic Pickled Eggs – Bring Back This Delicious Old-Fashioned Snack
These classic pickled eggs are a fantastic snack just as they are, or try slicing them and adding to a sandwich or salad. Quartered pickled eggs make a novel addition to a charcuterie platter. Easy to make (no canning required), … Continue reading → The post Classic Pickled Eggs ̵...
Published at The Kitchen Frau
WATCH: Portugal. The Man Surprise ‘Ellen’ Viewers With Live Marching Band
The Grammy-award-winning Portland group appeared on Ellen earlier this week and pulled out all the stops for the performance of their latest single ‘Live In The Moment’, enlisting the help of a marching band.
Published at SONiC 102.9
The Vodka Melon Ball Cocktail
The Melon Ball cocktail is a popular and easy to drink cocktail that tastes like spring. It makes use of a few select ingredients to bring you a drink that will have you out on your deck in a lawn chair in no time. What do you need to make a Melon Ball Cocktail? For... Read On → The post Th...
Published at The Kitchen Magpie

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