Ward 6


  • The hub of Edmonton's early commercial district, Boyle Street was recorded on a map of the newly created town of Edmonton in 1892. As the Hudson Bay Company held the land directly north of Fort Edmonton, the town spread eastward - even the streets conform to the exterior boundaries of several river lots. Today, Boyle Street borders on the eastern edge of Edmonton's central business district and features a high proportion of males, single adult households and mobile individuals.
  • Close to the City's downtown core, this area's long history has seen it transformed from aprimarily residential community to a mixed-use area characterised by low-rise apartments, commercial buildings, schools and the Royal Alexandra hospitals. Many of the area'sresidents are young singles and couples.
  • Edmonton's downtown is the hub of commercial, arts and festival activities. Perched on the spectacular river valley, downtown Edmonton features Sir Winston Churchill Square, a grassy space characterized by large trees and fountains, where festivals and arts events are hosted all year round. Over 500 businesses are interconnected by a multi-level pedway system that makes downtown a pleasant and dynamic place to spend the day, even in the harshest weather.
  • Glenora is one of Edmonton's most beautiful and historical neighbourhoods. First staked out byMalcolm Groat in the 1860s and developed to appeal to many of the City's most prominentcitizens of the time, it lies just west of downtown and a short drive from major commercialcentres to the east and west. Glenora is characterised by large, uniquely handsome homes onstreets lined with mature trees. The Provincial Museum and river valley highlight Glenora.
  • Lying in the City's west end, parts of Grovenor date back to the 1910s. Most homes are single-family units, though recent years have seen thedevelopment of duplexes and low-rise apartments. Residents have easy access to WestmountMall and the downtown area, and the commercial services concentrated along Stony Plain Road, but the main highlight of Grovenor is the spectacular McKinnon Ravine.