Ward 4


  • Named for H. Bannerman, who settled in the Belmont area in 1883, this area is part of theClareview district and was annexed to the City, along with much of northeast Edmonton, in theearly 1960s. Easy LIGHT RAPID TRANSIT access to Edmonton's commercial and employment areas, as well asexcellent recreation and educational facilities in the heart of the neighbourhood, make Bannermanpopular with young families.
  • Part of the Clareview district, Belmont traces its early development to 1912, though the bulk ofits development took place in the 1970s. A mixture of single-family units and condominiums, thearea's excellent LIGHT RAPID TRANSIT service and efficient thoroughfares reflect efforts to maintain a quiet, family-friendly environment. Access to the river valley through Kennedale Ravine is a popular feature ofthe area, and attractive paths through the area encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel.