Ward 2


  • This non-residential neighbourhood forms part of the Transportation Utility Cooridor and Edmonton's outer ring road.
  • Named in honour of the Earl of Athlone, Canada's Governor-General from 1940-46, Athlone islocated north of the Canadian National Rail line. The rail line explains the presence of a grainterminal and some other commercial enterprises. Developed in the 1950s in a grid pattern typicalof that period, Athlone housing is primarily multi-family dwellings. A community league and threeschools serve area families.
  • Baranow takes its name from a famous castle The Baranow Castle, built between 1591 and 1606, is located in Poland and was formerly the residence of Prince Lubomirski. Baranow is almost entirely non-residential in character. Approximately 70% of all residential units are low rise apartment buildings and all residential zoning within the neighbourhood is multifamily. A large shopping Centre is located in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood does not contain any institutional or recreational land uses but residents can access facilities and amenities in the adjacent Carlisle and Caernarvon neighbourhoods.