Ward 12


  • This non-residential neighbourhood forms part of the Transportation Utility Cooridor and Edmonton's outer ring road.
  • Bisset is named for Judge Athelstan Bisset, Q.C. Like all of the 27 neighbourhoods of Mill Woods, Bisset's design objective is to provide for an efficient flow of traffic while minimizing its disruptive and hazardous effects. A number of strategically place pathways promote pedestrian and bicycle travel within the neighbourhood. Perhaps because of the large number of apartment dwellings, the demographic profile of Bisset is different form that of a typical Mill Woods neighbourhood: Bisset hosts a comparatively high proportion of single-adult households.
  • Crawford Plains is one of the City's newer communities, dating to the late 1970s. Like many MillWoods neighbourhoods, it features attractive curving streets and cul-de-sacs. A school andrecreational site lies at the heart of the neighbourhood, a particularly appealing feature for the60 percent of households which have young children (over 90 percent of residents are under40). Retail, health and other services are available in nearby Mill Woods Town Centre.
  • Named in honour of Thomas Daly, who developed high quality strains of wheat and oats, DalyGrove's predominantly single family homes were built in the 1980s. An efficient road systemprovides quick access to other City districts while preserving a quiet and safe core community forthe young families which make up the majority of households. Daly Grove is well served by MillWoods Town Centre, as well as its own smaller business centre.