Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair

Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair


Friday, December 02
5:00 PM


Friday, December 02
9:00 PM

The Royal Bison is an Edmonton-based, twice-a-year festival of the best and quirkiest art, craft and design this city has to offer. While its roots are local, in 2014 it added a Canada-wide holiday edition to its roster.

Founded in 2007, The Royal Bison was the brainchild of Edmonton illustrator and musician Raymond Biesinger. When he moved to Montreal in 2010, the fair was guided expertly by jeweller Jeanie Andronyk, illustrator Josh Holinaty and surface designer Vikki Wiercinski. Over the years, Josh and Jeanie decided to pursue other projects and handed the reins over to Vikki Wiercinski and photographer Jim Johansson.

The fair revels in all things local and independent. With unbelievably low table fees, the Bison aims to be a place for creative endeavours that might not be possible otherwise due a lack of affordable venues. We also try to have a wide selection of items for men - something we feel is uncommon in today's craft fairs.

We at the Royal Bison are excited to collaborate with individuals and organizations on activities and events of a less retail variety. Art projects and interactive, fair-long exhibits and installations are most welcome. You should contact us.

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Event Location

Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre
8426 Gateway Boulevard NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 4B4

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