Let's Talk Parks - Noon

Let's Talk Parks - Noon


Thursday, June 16
12:00 PM


Thursday, June 16
1:00 PM

Let's Talk Parks - Thursday, June 16th - Noon Event

Our open spaces are more than just parks.

They make up a network of not only parks, but also plazas, greenways, natural areas, trails, sports fields, boulevards, wildlife passages and urban amenities; they are the outdoor public spaces that provide places for recreation, for rest and relaxation, venues for social gatherings and events, places for commemoration, and locations that support urban services and infrastructure, such as stormwater management.

You are invited to Let's Talk Parks, the next event in the Great Ideas. Great City. Speaker Series in collaboration with the City-Region Studies Centre with the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta. It highlights the launch of the City of Edmonton's new Green Network Strategy - Breathe. Let's Talk Parks is also intended to spark a conversation about urban ecologies and public green spaces from both a municipal and regional context.

Our keynote speaker is Nina-Marie Lister, a respected planning practitioner, academic and writer from Ryerson University whose work explores the relationship between landscape ecology and urbanism. As the director of the Ecological Design Lab, her perspective on the intersection of landscape infrastructure and ecological processes within metro regions will be a highly valuable contribution to our ongoing city-building conversation.

Peter Ohm, Chief Planner for the City of Edmonton will introduce Dr. Katy Campbell, Dean of the Daculty of Extensions and Mayor Don Iveson who will provide opening remarks, followed by a small presentation by our keynote speaker Prof. Lister.

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City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

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