Monday, July 21
12:00 PM


Tuesday, July 22
12:00 AM

What is K-Days? It's the experience you're looking for?there for the taking, just a ticket away. It's the wonder of the Midway, the glow of the past, the promise of the future, the joy of the present.

It's the warm sugary bliss of freshly fried donuts and funnel cakes, the gooey crispness of candy apples, the tart rush of ice-cold lemonade, the tangy smokiness of a perfectly barbecued rib. It's your taste buds thanking you every 10 steps in each direction. It's the anticipation of the ride, the sudden thrilling pull of gravity, the dizzy relief of solid ground.

It's the sound of thousands of people screaming out for the band onstage, the warm applause for an exciting new talent performing in public for the first time, the laughter of a small child delighted by the antics of a strolling entertainer. It's fireworks lighting up the night sky, it's a colourful parade full of brass bands and beautiful floats. It's a memory you'll always keep.

K-Days is Edmonton's Fair?the way you want it, with just a little extra kick.

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Northlands Park
7410 Borden Park Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5B 4W9

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