Social Media Breakfast Edmonton #31

Social Media Breakfast Edmonton #31


Friday, February 28
8:30 AM


Friday, February 28
10:30 AM

Social Media Breakfast Edmonton Presents: Witty Brand-ter � Defining, Building, & Managing Your Brand With Social Media

Everything you do on social media should come back to one key point: your brand. It is the fundamental map for your actions and growth. The term "brand" is oft-misunderstood; in this session, we will cover what a brand actually means, methods to build your brand online, and how to manage it too! You will hear how Paper Leaf used social media to build & grow their brand as a design agency, and what that's meant for their business. At the end of the talk, you'll leave with a solid understanding of how to strategically define your brand, and how to use social media to help grow it (and your business).

Presenter � Jeff Archibald is co-founder of a design firm in Edmonton called Paper Leaf, and is an active designer focused on brand identities and interfaces. If he's not learning, creating, speaking, or herding cats, he's partaking in one of his many other loves: coffee, typography, whisky, cycling, and the mountains.

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Startup Edmonton
10363 104 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
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