The Subsequent Fall

The Subsequent Fall


Friday, October 12
6:00 PM


Friday, October 12
9:00 PM

This year we are excited to be hosting The Subsequent Fall at the Jubilee Auditorium!
We are conspiring with Edmonton on the Edge and the Jubilee Auditorium to bring you one of the most eclectic events in Edmonton.

This year, we are excited to include:
The Urban Monks
A reading from "Are We There Yet?" by Curtis Gillespie (courtesy of LitFest Alberta)
A performance by the Edmonton Opera
Interactive animations from
Previews and artwork from Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition from Overhaul Games
Interactive iPad/iPhone demos from Hybrid Forge
Previews of the Edmonton Expo
Cherry Sauce Tee Shirts!
Live digital painting by Pulp Studios!
Capital Ideas (Karen Unland & Brittney LeBlanc)
Steven Csorba's Warhol 2.0 Street Art
and much more!

One thing we love to do at Guru is encourage synergy between various cultures in our city. We do this in our classrooms and we do it at our events.
Join us for a delightful evening.

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Event Location

Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
11455 87 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2T2

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