Edmonton Nerd Nite #1

Edmonton Nerd Nite #1


Wednesday, October 10
7:30 PM


Wednesday, October 10
11:00 PM

Hey nerds. It's time to congregate over stimulating presentations and equally stimulating drink (in a slightly different way). The world wide phenomenon that is Nerd Nite has finally made its way to Edmonton and Adam and Wade (your Nerd Bosses) couldn't be more excited.

The line up:

Presentation #1
Faster Than Light
Ross Lockwood

Travelling at, or near the speed of light does a lot of whacky things: time slows down, lengths contract, and generations rise and fall back on your home planet. Will the dream of travelling faster than the speed of light always remain bleak? I'll explore the challenging concepts that lead us to believe that such a thing may one day enter the realm of possibility.

Presentation #2
Mind to Stage: How to Write an Opera
John Estacio

When people find out I'm a composer they often pose the question, “so how exactly do you what you do?” Let me tell you. Together we'll trace how a single line of text inspires a musical phrase; how the phrase morphs and changes with new layers and sounds; and finally, what it looks and sounds like on the stage with costumes, lighting, sets, a chorus and a full orchestra. From a few notes teased out on a Korg keyboard in my small studio to a full-blown production center stage in front of thousands.

Presentation #3
Rachelle Saunders

How does a girl with education in literary analysis and theatre yet an irrepressible affection for all things scientific keep up with the latest and greatest science news? From pop-science books and podcasts to blogs written by researchers and science journalists, there are plenty of ways the enthusiastic layperson can keep up with what's going on in every corner of the research world. This talk will present a rapid-fire tour through some of the best books, blogs, podcasts, and resources available, and we'll discuss how to start telling the difference between science... and something that just sounds like science.

*Note: the price of admission includes one free drink.

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Gogo Lounge
10240 124 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3W6

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