The 2nd Cash Mob Edmonton

The 2nd Cash Mob Edmonton


Wednesday, April 25
5:30 PM


Wednesday, April 25
8:30 PM

The time has come! We are happy to announce the 2ND Monthly Cash Mob Event for 2012!

****The Meet-up location is the SE corner of 102 Street and 82 Avenue**** April 25th, 6:30pm

Dear Edmontonians, prepare your spending budget, we encourage $20, for the concentrated effort of injecting our money back into the local economy.

Do you appreciate good taste? Do you prefer spending your dollars in a local shop? Do you enjoy a good drink (refreshing water, a little bubbly, ginger ale, maybe the odd glass of wine?) or a celebration from time to time? This next cash mob, with Cash Mob Edmonton will be the event for you. April 25th, 6:30pm, we will meet at our 'Mobber's Meet' location prior to visiting the target shop - the shop name and location will remain a secret until the day we meet! Following the cash mobbing is our post-Cash Mob feature, a visit to a local watering hole to celebrate in the success of the Mob. Keep your eyes open for the updates.

Missed the first Cash Mob? We are happy to take you on a humble tour of what a few of the local businesses in this city have to offer you!

Are you excited as we are? Share the page, spread the invites; let people know about this new phenomena. By coming to the event, you pass on your hard earned dollars to a deserving local business; you also experience the shop and become a great asset for repeat and extended business. The most valuable exposure for a small business is word of mouth - do your part.

****The Mobber's Meet location is on the SE corner of 102 street and 82 Avenue****

There is available parking on 81st and 83rd ave. in the more residential and quiet streets (100th, 101st), and parking meters on 82nd ave.

What is a Cash Mob? It is a group of people (mob) that meet to flood the doors of local business and spend $20 each in the shop.

How do I participate? Come out to the event; share the page; talk about Cash Mob Edmonton (AB); talk to local media; invite your friends; nominate businesses in the Data Base; LIKE our cause page; become a member of the group page; email us with your questions.

Does it have to be $20 that I spend? It can be more! And we encourage you to spend at least $10 if you are on a strict budget - or if you cannot even spend a dime but love this initiative, come out to generate some reviews about the shop!

Any questions? Please forward them to the Cash Mob Edmonton organizers @

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