Edmonton Girl Geek Dinner S2E2

Edmonton Girl Geek Dinner S2E2


Thursday, September 15
6:30 PM


Thursday, September 15
9:00 PM

You've waited all Summer... and now we're back!

This month's speaker is the ever-so-fantastic Karin Weekes! Karin works at BioWare, one of our favourite video game companies. (with a homebase right here in our city!) She's currently working on Mass Effect 3 (see why we mentioned the Reapers?) as an editor on the writing team in the design department. She edits spoken game dialogue, and deals with the voiceover department who manages the actors that record said dialogue. Not enough? She also edits and organizes all the non-VO dialogue... and much more.

As always our XY chromosome counterparts are welcome to join in the festivities, however they must be a guest of an attending girl geek.

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10150 101 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4G8

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