Audience Participation Movie Event: The Princess Bride

Audience Participation Movie Event: The Princess Bride


Friday, April 23
7:45 PM


Friday, April 23
9:45 PM

Show your love of the Princess Bride movie by acting along with the characters. Declare your murderous intentions with Inigo, do as Buttercup wishes, rhyme with the Giant and more. <br> <br> For extra fun, come dressed as the character you love, or love to hate. Bring along props to participate with:<br> <br> - Noisemakers<br> - Blowing bubbles<br> - Bells<br> - Balloons<br> - Scarves<br> - Flashlight<br> - Cellophane paper<br> <br> Note: This movie is rated PG.<br> <br> <br /><br> <b><a href=&quot;;id=DOWNTOWN&amp;eveid=13455&amp;rooeveid=13623&amp;au=ALL&amp;key=mp3/&quot;>Warm up before the movie with an MP3 Experiment. Click here for details.</a></b><br> <br> <br /><br> <b><a href=&quot;;>It's a new day at EPL; click here to find out what else is happening.</a></b>

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Event Location

Stanley A. Milner Library
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2V4

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