International Week 2010

International Week 2010


Monday, February 01
10:00 AM


Friday, February 05
10:00 PM

International Week 2010’s theme is To Boldly Go: Charting Our Common Future. Decades after the World Commission on Environment and Development called for a development path that “sustained human progress not just in a few pieces for a few years, but for the entire planet into the distant future”, the global community struggles to envision and protect a shared future. This year’s theme conveys the need for brave and collaborative solutions in the face of global challenges, inviting discussion on innovation as well as on the reflection necessary to "boldly go" responsibly forward. We hope that programming will balance out the sometimes grim lessons learnt (or not yet learnt), with exciting developments in technology, opportunities for action and prospects and alternatives for the future. Some of the intersecting subthemes emerging from our topic are:

  1. Charting our Common Future: Ethics and Innovation
  2. The Future of Global Governance
  3. The Future of the Global Economy
  4. The Future of Canada
  5. The Future of the Global Commons

International Week is our largest annual extracurricular educational event and is the largest event of its kind on a Canadian campus—7200 people attended over 60 events last year, and we expect this year's program to be just as stimulating!

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Event Location

University of Alberta
Various Locations on Campus
114 Street & 89 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2M7

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