Edmonton Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration

Edmonton Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration


Wednesday, January 13
4:00 PM


Wednesday, January 13
8:00 PM

Join the celebration to welcome the Olympic Torch to Edmonton! Enjoy first class local entertainment and cheer on former Canadian Olympian Doreen Ryan, the community torch bearer who will light the celebration cauldron at Sir Winston Churchill Square.

4-6pm - City Hall

  • Meet past Olympic and Paralympic athletes: autographs 4-5pm
  • Formal program at 5pm
  • Performance of monologue written by Stewart Lemoine and performed by Jeff Haslam.
  • Event culminates with performance by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

6-8pm - Sir Winston Churchill Square

  • Cadence Weapon
  • Asani
  • The Be Arthurs
  • Kokopelli Choir  
  • Lion dance – Ging Wu Martial Arts Association
  • Les Bucherons
  • Doreen Ryan will complete the final 300 metres of the torch relay and light the celebration cauldron.

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Event Location

City Hall
Churchill Square
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

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