TckTckTck Vigil For A Real Deal

TckTckTck Vigil For A Real Deal


Saturday, December 12
5:30 PM


Saturday, December 12
6:30 PM

This event will be a short, simple, dignified, family-friendly candlelight vigil for the planet on the steps of the magnificently-lit Alberta Legislature. And it could be the most important thing you do for the planet all year. Please share with your friends and family.

This December world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to forge a new international climate agreement - essentially our global game plan to stop dangerous climate change. But not just any deal is good enough - it has to be a Real Deal: and that means Fair, Ambitious and Binding.

The whole world, including 200 civil society organizations representing tens of millions of individuals, as well as many governments and virtually every climate expert and scientist, are coming together around what's being called 'the Real Deal'. It's a simple 3 point deal: fair, ambitious and binding. Its concrete benchmarks are our spin protection against politicians dressing up a bad deal as a heroic victory.

Our event will be one of thousands taking place all over the world on the same day - TckTckTck want it to be the largest global day of action the world has seen. Our message: The World Wants A Real Deal.

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Event Location

Alberta Legislature
10800 97 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2B6

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