Edmonton Election 2010 - Public School Trustee Candidates

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Name Race Email Phone Address Twitter Links
Amanda Beisiegel Ward B amandabeisiegel@shaw.ca 780-504-0454 N/A N/A
Balraj Manhas Ward I N/A N/A N/A BalrajManhas
Bev Sawyer Ward F bevsawyertrustee@gmail.com 780-718-1847 N/A BevSawyer
Catherine Ripley Ward H catherine@catherineripley.ca 780-434-3410 N/A N/A
Cheryl Johner Ward A cheryl.johner@gmail.com 780-984-8454 N/A cjohner
Christopher Spencer Ward C info@christopherspencer.ca 780-964-6438 N/A CKLS
Darryl Lagerquist Ward B darryl@electdarryl.ca 780-935-3519 N/A dlagerquist
Dave Colburn Ward D davecolb@yahoo.com 780-474-7402 N/A davecolb
George Nicholson Ward B N/A N/A N/A N/A
George Rice Ward G Georgerice@shaw.ca 780-945-4530 N/A N/A
Heather MacKenzie Ward E heather@heathermackenzie.org 780-263-6325 N/A Heathermacken
Joanna Rozmus Ward F joanna@joannarozmus.com N/A N/A JoannaRozmus
Ken Shipka Ward B N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ken Soroka Ward E ksorokacma@shaw.ca 780-486-8630 N/A N/A
Kevan Warner Ward A info@KevanWarner.com N/A N/A N/A
Leslie Cleary Ward I electcleary@gmail.com 780-905-0554 N/A lesliecleary
Mary Gradisar Ward C gotachev56@yahoo.ca 780-444-4490 N/A N/A
Michael Janz Ward F michael@michaeljanz.ca 780-288-8898 N/A michaeljanz
Neil MacDonald Ward E N/A N/A N/A N/A
Perry Chahal Ward B chahal4trustee@gmail.com 780-887-8749 N/A PERRY_CHAHAL
Rory Koopmans Ward A roryjkoopmans@hotmail.com N/A N/A sergeantayork
Sarah Hoffman Ward G sarah@sarahhoffman.ca 780-271-7127 N/A sarahhoffmang
Tina Jardine Ward I votetinajardine@gmail.com 780-238-3805 N/A PublicTrustTina
Tony Henshall Ward C tonyhenshall@shaw.ca 780-760-6010 N/A N/A