Local Music Project Hackathon

Local Music Project Hackathon


Wednesday, September 17
6:00 PM


Wednesday, September 17
9:00 PM

Edmonton Public Library is building a digital local music project to celebrate local music and its history. Based on community consultation, we know that we want to share music online and crowdsource a detailed history of Edmonton's local music scenes. First, we need to build the site and we're looking for some insight from the tech community to make sure we're off to a good start.

September 17th we're partnering with Yellow Pencil to host a hackathon at Startup Edmonton. We want to build the project in Drupal 7 and we are hoping to run the music hosting through SoundCloud using their API. We're inviting web developers, Drupal developers, SoundCloud developers and anyone else who wants to participate to help us answer these three main questions:

  • What does the basic architecture of this site look like?
  • Can the SoundCloud API support this project? In what specific ways?
  • What is missing from Drupal 7 that we need to build?

More Information

Event Location

Startup Edmonton
10363 104 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 5G5

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