Sunday, January 01
12:00 PM


Sunday, January 01
10:00 PM

Events Edmonton, which has produced festivals for 43 years, presents METROPOLIS an event that will be staged on Sir Winston Churchill Square and the surrounding streets.

It will consist of six free-standing, heated temporary structures made from Aluma Systems construction scaffolding covered with white shrink wrap. This technique is based on cold climate construction technology and will offer a sheltered atmosphere suitable for normal winter conditions in the Edmonton Capital Region. In the inaugural year architects from Canada and the USA have been invited by Events Edmonton to design the pavilions. In subsequent years an international design competition will be staged. This will foster a competitive spirit and ensure that the structures will change annually. The design will include a multi-media presentation consisting of visuals and sound. The festival will be green and sustainable with the majority of the materials being rented.

The festival will start with a New Year?s Eve celebration on the 31 st of December and run every weekend through the Family Day weekend in mid-February. The upper interior space of the sculptural forms will feature an artistic, multi-media light and sound show utilizing 21 st century new media. A variety of activities including winter food, music, live entertainment and interactive exhibits will be offered. The exhibit and interactive program spaces will operate on Friday evening and weekends for the first year. This will provide an opportunity for Albertans outside Edmonton to enjoy the festival. The program will expand in subsequent years as the interest grows and Metropolis takes hold of the winter festival season in the Edmonton Capital Region.

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Event Location

Churchill Square
10247 100 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

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