Vignettes Showcase Friday Night

Vignettes Showcase Friday Night


Friday, September 16
3:00 PM


Friday, September 16
10:00 PM

Be part of the downtown buzz as we celebrate this year's showcase within the Vignettes Design Series. Vignettes is an interdisciplinary competition that invites teams of local designers, woodworkers, visual artists and contractors to bring their best in collaboration, creation, and competition in a challenging and innovative way. 10 teams have been given the challenge to design and execute a blank 8' x 8' space to showcase their individual talents and creations. Come down and view these amazing Vignettes and learn more about what our local design community has to offer. 

This event gives you the opportunity to meet and celebrate with Edmonton's makers and be part of a one of a kind event that is surrounded by art and design while supporting local charities within our city. Expect a night of live music, drinks served by Flor de Caña in our breathtaking Garden Bar, live art experiences sponsored by Lexus of Edmonton, and an opportunity to shop the products of our talented local woodworkers and visual artists.

As the night ensues, follow us down to Chvrch of John for our exclusive afterparty.

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Event Location

4th Street Promenade
Old Sobeys at 104 St & Jasper Ave
104 Street & Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1Z3

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