Todd Hirsch: Future of Alberta

Todd Hirsch: Future of Alberta


Tuesday, August 09
6:30 PM


Tuesday, August 09
9:30 PM

Hi, I'm Scotty, Founder of Soulfront.

Each Ticket RSVPs you & a Guest 

Soulfront's purpose is to connect people, ideas & passion. 

We organize events that centre on personal, professional & business development to get you thinking about your passion! We encourage Learning, Inspiration and Sharing in everything we do!

The start of the event is spent talking to people about their passions in life, not their jobs.

Every event we host a dynamic Keynote Speaker for a 15 minute talk, 15 minutes fireside chat on their dreams, plus a Q & A with our Soulfront audience. 

We will continue to host new guest speakers who are inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, leaders and community organizers.

We hope to build a passion movement where people find happiness and meaning.

Join us.

Scotty Riddell Soulfront Founder

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Our Soulfront Event is at the Mosaic Centre on Aug 9th 2016 @ 6:30pm with Todd Hirsch as the Keynote speaker.

Check out the Mosaic Centre at

Soulfront Event Agenda. 

6:30pm to 7:30pm MAIN FLOOR 

Drinks & appetizers as well as introductions of our special VIP Guests (authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc...) provided by Workshop Eatery

7:30pm to 8:30pm SECOND FLOOR 

Keynote Speaker 15-20 min talk, followed by a fireside chat with rapid-fire questions, ending with audience Q&A

8:30pm & Beyond MAIN FLOOR 

Guests move downstairs to Workshop Eatery for evening food,drink & cheer joined by Keynote Speaker and VIP Guests

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Mosaic Centre
2003 91 Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6X 0W8

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