Meet Me in McCauley Market

Meet Me in McCauley Market


Saturday, June 04
10:00 AM


Saturday, June 04
4:00 PM

Celebrating and building the McCauley neighbourhood in Edmonton!

Meet Me in McCauley Market will be a series of two dynamically programmed events happening Summer 2016 on historic Church Street (96 Street from 107A Avenue to 108 Avenue) in the Edmonton neighbourhood of McCauley. Events will include FREE family-friendly programming, interactive workshops focused on urban agriculture and food security, performance and art installations and vibrant markets with diverse vendors. All in all, it will be a communal celebration of all the things that make McCauley vibrant!

Both events aim to highlight the uniqueness of the McCauley area by partnering with and supporting neighborhood businesses, organizations and residents. The June 4th event will be held in congruence with the Heart of the City Arts and Music Festival, while July 9th will be in partnership with the Hallelujah Garage Sale on Church Street. The Meet Me in McCauley Market events aim to be celebratory in nature, and will encourage people to interact with their community in renewed and inclusive ways.

We hope you will come out and support this unique event in McCauley & spread the word through your networks!

The June 4th event will also be a part of City Lab's and Make Something Edmonton's 100in1day Project!

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Event Location

McCauley Community Rink
107A Avenue & 96 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 2K2

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