Recruiting Hell Screening Party

Recruiting Hell Screening Party


Monday, February 29
6:30 PM


Monday, February 29
9:30 PM

Working in corporate hell has its benefits. At least that's what Hades, head of HR at Hell LLP, will tell you. Follow along behind the scenes as the denizens of the underworld produce a mockumentary about the making of the best, worst recruitment video for the darkest, most dysfunctional corporation in the universe, Hell LLP.

On February 29, come and see the theatrical screening premiere of Recruiting Hell, the next story in the world of Necessary Evil.

We will be showing:
- Recruiting Hell
- Hell LLP's actual recruiting video
- The pilot episode of Necessary Evil
- And possibly more...

Watch the show and then stay for a voting party as we compete in the TELUS STORYHIVE contest. Our goal is to continue producing more tales from this universe, so admission is free but donations toward future Hell-ish projects are appreciated.

Our sincere thanks to TELUS STORYHIVE for funding this project! Now, let's raise a little hell...

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Event Location

Garneau Theatre
8712 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2L5

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