Metal Refinery

Metal Refinery


Saturday, November 28
9:00 PM


Sunday, November 29
2:00 AM

Inspired by Fritz Lang's classic 1927 science fiction film Metropolis and our current exhibition Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism, Metal is your AGA's next installment of our popular Refinery art party. The style of German Expressionism fuses with 1980s German heavy metal music and metal-inspired visuals to create a dark new world that pays homage to both rock and roll and the Expressionist movement. Break out your best metal-inspired fashion, and head to your AGA for the most outstanding party of the year.

METAL Refinery will feature art projects by Elaine Weryshko, Nancy Sandercock, and Jonathan Luckhurst; live interactive activities including continuous line portrait drawing with wire and metal-stamping led by silversmith Dave Curoe; a metal-spinning DJ; German-themed food including mini Human Berliner donuts, sausages and pretzels; and Fritz Lang's Metropolis screening all evening in both Manning Hall and the Ledcor Theatre.

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Art Gallery of Alberta
2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2C1

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