It Will Be Live

It Will Be Live


Tuesday, November 10
10:00 AM


Tuesday, November 10
4:00 PM

The Revolution will not be brought to you by Starbucks, and served up with your morning double espresso or extra whip latte. The Revolution will not be taking place at your local craft brewery, so you can watch while you sip on cold pints and talk high and low notes. The Revolution will not maintain status quo where it's convenient for you, nor will it exempt your Monday to Friday from sweeping changes and dramatic realizations. You will not be able to watch the Revolution, as there will be no live webcast, podcast, video stream or Youtube channel.

Revolutions bring dramatic change to industries and governments and societies... and they can be created today easier and faster than at any time in human history. They can be created by you, or they can be created in opposition to you...regardless, you need to know how they happen, how to make them happen and how to know when they are happening.

This is bold new step for CEO education, and one that you cannot miss.

On November 10th, we have designed a WPO/YPO/EO-inspired event that puts you in the centre of a revolution war room, where you will gain deep insights into revolutions happening around the world - in business, government and society - with a live simulation and a methodology that you can take home and immediately start applying in your organization.

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Event Location

Shaw Conference Centre
9797 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1N9

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