Arduino for Creators

Arduino for Creators


Saturday, February 28
1:00 PM


Saturday, February 28
5:00 PM

You are interested or already involved in the maker movement, and have some great ideas that needs the brains of a little computer, but you haven't taken that first step to get started. Arduino is a microcontroller that is a great entry-level device that can be used from very simple to very complex projects. It has a broad community with lots of easily accessible resources, to help jump-start any project you might have in mind. It also comes in a wide variety of formats, from a simple boards that are set up for easy prototyping, to smaller professional boards for integrating in your cool devices, or for adding electronics to clothing. 

Join us for a four hour Arduino for Creators workshop to learn the basics on using Arduinos, learn what they are capable of, and become inspired for your next great project. In this workshop, you will gain hands-on experience with your very own Arduino starter kit, that you take home with you after the workshop. We will work together to get the Arduino software set up on your laptop, and work on some simple projects to get you started in the world of prototyping and programming electronics. Make LEDs blink! Make speakers play sounds! All without electrocuting yourself or destroying your electronics. We will also talk about what Arduinos can do, and what you can aspire to.

The cost of the course covers the cost of the Arduino kit that you keep, and it includes all the cables, wires, and electronic components you need for the course. You only need to bring your laptop (required).

This workshop is hosted by Neil Lamoureux, VP Engineering at CodeBaby and meetup host of the Open Hardware Meetup. 

This course is limited to 12 people, so sign up soon!

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Startup Edmonton
10363 104 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 5G5

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