Open Government Tour 2014

Open Government Tour 2014


Wednesday, September 03
6:30 PM


Wednesday, September 03
9:00 PM

The Open Government TourChanging Canada by exploring it 

Here is an article by William Wolfe-Wylie that best describes the tour and its intent :-) DOORS OPEN: 6 pm EVENT BEGINS: 6:30 pm

Local Guests - so far:

Tim Querengesser - The Edmonton Wayfinding Project

David Rauch - Open Edmonton

Dana DiTomaso - Kick Point / CBC Edmonton AM

Mark Diner - Gov't of Alberta

Cory Segin - Public Engagement, City of Edmonton

A representative from the City of Edmonton's Open Data Portal 

WHAT ARE OPEN GOVERNMENT AND OPEN DATA?They are movements that are bringing about a massively disruptive cultural change by taking advantage of 21st century technology and creating a more transparent, accountable, and engaging relationship between people and their government. It is changing the traditional perspective that Civic Engagement is simply voting once every four years or sitting in dusty church basements listening to someone drone on about wading pools! WHO THIS EVENING IS GEARED FORThis evening is dedicated to introducing Open Government & Open Data to those people who have flirted with the subject matter, but are not fully aware of what it is.Perhaps you saw a headline with the term or heard someone mention it in passing. Maybe you want to become more civically engaged but don't know where to start. In either of those cases, The Open Government Tour will tell you the stories behind terms; Demonstrate the technology that is changing the culture; And introduce you to the people that are making it happen. That's why we're trying out a "Buddy System" for these events. Basically, if you're well-versed in Open Gov & Data we ask that you bring someone that hasn't had the opportunity to be fully introduced :-)HOW THE EVENING WILL UNFOLDSince Open Government & Open Data are all about doing things differently, I can promise you the following: This event won't just be 2.5 hour's worth of people talking to Powerpoints. As a matter of fact, there won't be any Powerpoint presentations at all.Instead, the events will feature guests from the government, technology, industry, and not-for-profit sector talking like real human beings about Open Governmnent, Open Data, and Open Source. The style is more "conversational" in nature and not only involves the guests, but the audience in an engaging discussion about our current society.

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Union Bank Inn
10053 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1S5

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