Vocal Arts Festival: Song Soiree - English Artsong

Vocal Arts Festival: Song Soiree - English Artsong


Wednesday, June 04
7:00 PM


Wednesday, June 04
9:00 PM

Are you ready for six weeks of tragic drama, satire and fairy tale? The 2014 Vocal Arts Festival will have it all, plus more!

A Song Soiree is an intimate gathering where audience and performer share in the creative genius of musical miniatures. The poetry is the essence of inspiration for song repertoire and these evenings will allow listeners to experience the beauty and diversity of 8 singers and collaborative pianists as they interpret these poetic masterpieces. Each concert in this series will have a theme: Spanish Delights, German Poets or English Artsong.

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Convocation Hall
3-82 Fine Arts Building
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2C9

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