Thursday, April 03
6:00 PM


Thursday, April 03
9:00 PM

Note: this is not the usual MEÆT event, and we're expecting to sell out quickly (especially given the uniqueness of the experience and the interest it's garnered). See the description below for more details.

Edmonton's NextGen is excited to be hosting DARK MEÆT...

DARK MEÆT brings together the idea of dining in the dark, which has become popular in restaurants in Toronto and Montreal, with microfunding and storytelling for a night that is like no other.

Guests will enjoy a three course meal that appeals to the senses: smell, touch, and of course taste. The catch is, you will be blindfolded, to let your other senses take the lead. The food will be gluten and nut free, and a vegetarian option is available (option upon registration).

During dinner, we will have winners from previous Story Slams in the city join us to entertain your ears, and you'll hear local pitches for home grown ideas. You'll then have the opportunity to vote for the pitch you'd like to help fund. 

After dinner, you'll have a chance to mingle with your sight back, and check out the gallery's installations.

What is MEÆT?

MEÆT is a local crowdfunding event designed to bring us together for a meal and listen to a variety of home-grown ideas. The one thing all the presenters have in common is that they need your funding to bring their idea to reality.

You can (1) apply to present your project, or (2) experience the presentations and vote for your favorite. Out of the $25 ticket price, $10 goes towards the pot for the evening. Though no matter which side of dining table you are on; you will enjoy a dinner with excellent conversation with like minding philanthropists.

The best presentation (as determined by the votes) receives the night's funding.

Please note there are no ticket refunds.

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Event Location

Latitude 53
10242 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1H7

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