Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners: Season 4, Episode 3

Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners: Season 4, Episode 3


Tuesday, March 25
6:30 PM


Tuesday, March 25
9:00 PM

With convention season getting underway, you're sure to see many people who have spent countless hours putting together awesome costumes of their favourite characters. Whether you're a cosplayer yourself, you've admired someone's work or you're experience is seeing cosplayers on shows or documentaries - it's a passionate part of geekdom that takes dedication and creativity.

On March 25, join us as Vicky Lau comes to share her cosplaying experiences. She'll explain where she gets her inspiration, how she crafts her costumes and her experiences at conventions.

Vicky Lau is an avid cosplayer with over ten years of cosplay experience. Since childhood, she has had an interest in Japanese anime and culture. Over the past decade she has immersed herself in the artistry of costume design and creation; spending countless hours crafting costumes and props. She is heavily involved in the anime community and has travelled to various anime conventions: Animethon (Edmonton), Otafest (Calgary), Anime Revolution (Vancouver), and Anime Expo (Los Angeles). Combining her cosplay skills with her new found passion in photography, she continues to expand her creative horizon.

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The Common
9910 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

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