The Way We Green: Water Conservation & Biodiversity

The Way We Green: Water Conservation & Biodiversity


Wednesday, February 19
12:00 PM


Wednesday, February 19
1:00 PM

Presented by Kristen Andersen, Wetland Ecologist

Scientists agree that wetlands are characterized by saturated (wet) soils and plants that are capable of living in saturated conditions. Scientists further agree that wetlands provide a variety of functions such as storing water during flood conditions and releasing water during drought, erosion control, pollution control and providing habitat for fish amphibians, reptiles and birds.

Scientists disagree, however, on how wet a system must be to qualify as a wetland, the specific types of plants that live there and the full range of soils characteristics of wetlands. This has led to the development of several slight variations in wetland definitions around the world.

Take a tour of the "parameters" that are considered by wetland scientists in defining and identifying wetlands.

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City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

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