Hacking Health Edmonton

Hacking Health Edmonton


Friday, November 22
5:00 PM


Friday, November 22
10:00 PM

Hacking Health is an experiment in collaboration. Our hypothesis is that the interface of front-line clinicians and technology experts will yield innovative approaches to some (not all) of healthcare's most entrenched problems. By rapidly building and testing prototypes, we can identify the fraction of ideas that have the potential to scale and at the same time, allow others to take their learnings and apply them to new ideas. Our goal is to make this experimentation as low risk as possible for everyone involved - the individual participants, organizers, and supporters.

At Hacking Health, we aim to create spaces for collaborative, interdisciplinary experimentation. We bring together health professionals and technologists to work together to prototype and problem-solve new ways to deliver healthcare. It's a high-energy, messy process with no guarantee of success, but plenty of opportunity for new ideas and teams to form. The outcomes are probabilistic not determinate.

We define success as making it easier to step to the edge of one's field and increasing the probability of interfacing with another perspective that yields an innovative approach. Our underlying mission is learning how to interface pioneers across diverse fields in real and meaningful collaborations.

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Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 87 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 1C9

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