Our Man In Tehran - Amnesty/Metro screening

Our Man In Tehran - Amnesty/Metro screening


Friday, November 01
7:00 PM


Friday, November 01
8:30 PM

"Ambassador Ken Taylor became our greatest asset. He was our man in Tehran." - former US President Jimmy Carter

The 2013 Best Picture Oscar winner was Argo, the Ben Affleck-directed action drama that told the (heavily dramatized) story of the daring rescue of six American hostages during the 1979-80 Iran hostage crisis, also referred to as "the Canadian Caper"...all while conveniently minimizing the role that Canada actually played and giving most of the credit to the CIA. Now, the new documentary "Our Man in Tehran" seeks to set the record straight about what really happened by telling the story of Ken Taylor, the Canadian ambassador to Iran who played a pivotal role in ending the crisis.

Join the Edmonton and U of A chapters of Amnesty International this Friday for Metro's premiere night screening of Our Man in Tehran. We'll be in the lobby before and after the film with letters to sign for human rights cases Amnesty is currently working on in Iran. And since the movie only clocks in a 85 minutes, there'll be plenty of time afterwards to make your Halloween parties. Hope to see you there, and please invite your friends!

From TIFF's description: "The film Argo rekindled public awareness of Canada's pivotal role in the rescue of US diplomats during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and paid homage to the valiant efforts made by then-ambassador Ken Taylor, as well as his wife and colleagues, to provide a safe haven and counterfeit documents to the six Americans who clandestinely made it out of Tehran unscathed. But Argo was entertainment first and foremost - "based on a true story" but not the whole story. ...Our Man in Tehran was actually begun prior to Argo, and simply aims to tell a fuller, more historically accurate version of the dramatic events in Tehran. It is a gripping, hugely informative documentary that chronicles in detail what popularly became known as "The Canadian Caper." That moniker implies mischief and hijinks, but, as the film's subjects make clear, this was no game. Lives were on the line."

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Garneau Theatre
8712 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
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