Freewill Shakespeare Festival: King Lear

Freewill Shakespeare Festival: King Lear


Wednesday, June 26
8:00 PM


Wednesday, June 26
11:00 PM

Free Will Players are a not-for-profit theatre company formed in 1989. As operators of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, the Players endeavor to create professional, contemporary, innovative productions of the works of William Shakespeare that are accessible to all audiences, regardless of age, ability, education, or income levels, while also developing new audiences and mentoring theatre professionals of the future.

KING LEAR, Featuring John Wright, Kristi Hansen, and Sheldon Elter

The aging King Lear asks his three daughters to prove their love for him, and two greedily profess overwrought affections. Cordelia, the favourite, humbly responds, but Lear is unimpressed. Banishing her, Lear falls into a web of deception and disappointment, eventually leading to his own howling madness.

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William Hawrelak Park
Heritage Amphitheatre
9330 Groat Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta

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