Start Up Mamas

Start Up Mamas


Saturday, March 02
10:00 AM


Saturday, March 02
2:00 PM

On March 2, 2013, Entrepreneur Mom Now Edmonton and Modern Mama are hosting a one of a kind event, just for mom entrepreneurs: Start Up Mamas!

Hosted at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton, we will provide a sit down breakfast with an inspiring and informative talk by keynote speaker, Kim Gluckie. Kim is the founder and owner of MPowered Marketing, as well as the International Association of Motivated Entrepreneurs. Mom of 3 young girls, she describes herself as a full-time mom, part-time entrepreneur. Kim will be sharing purposeful and incredibly useful information for any mom looking to do the same.

At the event you will also find a plethora of business offerings looking for local moms just like you! They will be able to provide details and information specifically for you. Fifteen hand selected businesses that are looking for entrepreneurs will be available to tell you all about their business. A "Passport to Startup" will take you through each opportunity. A completed passport enters you to win $200 cash. That should help with the startup!

Are you a mom looking to learn more about starting your own business? Started already? This event is designed to inspire, teach, and offer opportunities for moms who are fairly new to their entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as those looking for the perfect opportunity!

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Royal Glenora Club
11160 River Valley Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2G7

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