Global Visions Film Festival

Global Visions Film Festival


Wednesday, February 27
9:30 AM


Wednesday, February 27
9:00 PM

Global Visions Film Festival, Canada's longest running documentary film festival, is dedicated to presenting socially relevant films from around the world exploring issues of social, economic and environmental development. Our mandate is to promote film and video as catalysts for reflection, discussion, and responsible action.

We operate from the understanding that the world is getting smaller, and that all people are diverse interconnected, interdependent citizens of the global village. Each year we present a four day festival that entertains, engages and inspires audiences. We are proud to present, original, top-quality documentaries from Canada and around the world, We aim to challenge our audiences to think about the world we live in and our personal and shared responsibility to the planet and each other. We believe film and filmmakers can help make a positive, transformative change in people's lives, and value the importance of discussion and community involvement. We provide public workshops and panel discussions with filmmakers and community groups during the festival and participate in events throughout the year including our Youth Media Day.

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