Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners: Season 3, Episode 4

Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners: Season 3, Episode 4


Tuesday, February 26
6:30 PM


Tuesday, February 26
9:30 PM

It's everyone's go-to small talk topic and something that impacts your choice of clothing, plans, and whether or not your ice sculpture survives the afternoon. It's the weather, and in Edmonton it can be top story of the front page of the paper and water cooler conversation for days.

For many Edmontonians, they await Stephanie Barsby's word before grabbing their sweaters and long johns. A NAIT alumni, Stephanie turned south to Mississipi to become a meteorologist after a radio and television career spanning a lot of the country.

As February's speaker, she'll touch on why she chose a career as a meterologist, give insight into being a woman in media, and maybe answer some of your nagging weather questions.

You can also follow CBC Meteorologist Stephanie Barsby on twitter: @sbarsbyweather

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Accent Lounge
8223 104 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 4E7

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