“Where we going?” Poster Show

“Where we going?” Poster Show


Friday, May 20
7:00 PM


Friday, May 20
10:00 PM

Hello Everyone! A few artists and I are having a poster show on May 20th and it would be great for you to check it out! Even if you can't make it, I'll appreciate you being there in spirit. Please come and check it out and spread the word! This year's theme for the show is "Where are we going?" the follow up question from the last poster show's "Where are we from?". It's a pretty big question and hopefully you can add to the conversation. There will also an compilation album of the show on sale. A list of this years artists include: Dwight Allott Jason Blower Chelsea Boos Byron Eggonschweiler Nathan Grimson Josh Holinaty Emmanuel Ilagan Kathleen Jacques Nickelas Jensen Jeff Kulak Adrien Koleiric Travis Macewan Martine MacFarlane Alaine Mackenzie Kirsten McCrea Pete Nguyen Emery Norton Aaron Pederson Sergio Serrano Genevieve Simms Jill Stanton Vikki Wiercinski Gabe Wong Katie Yuen Interested in being in the next poster show? email me at hi@gabewong.ca!

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Event Location

Latitude 53
10248 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1H5

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