CommuniTEA Infusion Van Launch

CommuniTEA Infusion Van Launch


Tuesday, May 18
9:00 AM


Tuesday, May 18
4:00 PM

We are pleased to offer a chance to be a part of the CommuniTea Infusion experience! This is essentially a mobile tea house that comes to a neighbourhood street and creates the essence of a town square where people can come together, get to know each other better, and strengthen connections. CommuniTea Infusion is run by neighbours who are inspired by the possibility that conversations could sow the seeds of building stronger, creative, safer, and more connected communities. It has no religious or political affiliations.

This interactive half-day session involves learning about placemaking and the projects that have originated in Portland from Michael Cook. We also have Dan Burden, an internationally recognized authority on liveable and sustainable communities, healthy streets, traffic calming, and bicycle and pedestrian programs. A design charrette, collaborative chalk mural and a cob workshop complete the session.

You are welcome to join the group at 12:15 pm where the CommuniTEA Infusion mobile tea house will be launched.

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Event Location

Art Gallery of Alberta
2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2C1

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