Open House for IT Community

Open House for IT Community


Tuesday, November 17
7:00 PM


Tuesday, November 17
9:00 PM

The City of Edmonton is partnering with TEC Edmonton and local industry to find ways to leverage local technical expertise right here in Edmonton.

This initiative, formally known as Leveraging Technical Expertise Locally, potentially benefits the City by gaining access to new technologies and products that haven’t been realized previously. Local technology businesses potentially benefit from this initiative by developing business solutions that could lead to broader use, and by learning how to engage with large and complex buyers like the City. 

The group has selected a relatively small but meaningful pilot project – a replacement for Edmonton Transit System's current electronic Lost and Found system – to test the approach. 

It’s an opportunity for people from Edmonton’s vibrant IT community to collaborate with the City and TEC Edmonton to develop an innovative solution that could lead to bigger things.

The pilot project will be presented to interested members of Edmonton's IT community by the City of Edmonton and TEC Edmonton. 

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Event Location

City Hall
Heritage Room
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7

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